What is IMDJ

IMDJ is a DJ and music specialist family. We create opportunities for all DJs and music specialists to showcase their talent throughout Asia.

Our DJs will be assigned to events and jobs throughout Asia, whereas our music specialists will focus on in-studio music creation.

IMDJ’s core focus will be on the following:

  • Participation in large-scale international and Asian DJ events
  • Participation in corporate, private and personal DJ events
  • Music Production with affiliate partners
  • Participation in IMDJ branding activities, including while attending DJ events
  • Coordination of VIP Singapore and Thailand immigration services for clients
  • Creation of opportunities to support the tourism sector

Residential Djs

IMDJ Silent
IMDJ JackChin
IMDJ Jessie

We are ONE Family

IMDJ believes in collaboration among our DJ and music specialist family, as well as utilising our different abilities and strengths to satisfy the demands of our audiences.

IMDJ believes that working as a team will enhance the quality and uniqueness of our music and mixing, securing our place in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, IMDJ will create team-bonding opportunities for more experienced members to share their expertise and knowledge to the less experienced members and for newer members to inject fresh ideas and concepts. These team-bonding opportunities will include group outings and discussions, as well as less experienced members accompanying and supporting more experienced members at events.

We are ONE Family